Kaiyu Yue


Research Engineer

Aibee, Inc.

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I joined Aibee in 2019 as a Research Engineer. Formerly I was with Department of Computer Vision Technology (VIS) at Baidu, which I joined in June 2018 after receiving M.S.E from School of Physics and Electronics at Central South University. I have done my research intern in the Fine-Grained Group at Baidu in 2017 and 2018, supervised by Dr. Feng Zhou. I have also been supervised by Dr. Zhaopeng Gu during my internship in the Platform and Content Group (PCG) at Tencent in summer 2015.


Compact Generalized Non-local Network

Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 2018

Kaiyu Yue, Ming Sun, Yuchen Yuan, Feng Zhou, Errui Ding and Fuxin Xu

arXiv     NIPS version     code/models     poster

Fine-grained Video Categorization with Redundancy Reduction Attention

European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2018

Chen Zhu, Xiao Tan, Feng Zhou, Xiao Liu, Kaiyu Yue, Errui Ding, and Yi Ma

arXiv     ECCV version     dataset


Human Pose Estimation in PaddlePaddle

A simple re-implementation of Simple Baselines for Human Pose Estimation in PaddlePaddle.Fluid of Baidu in 2018


FGVC5 iNaturalist 2018 and FGVCx Flowers 2018

Play as the vanguard of the team fadivugibs in iNaturalist Competition 2018 and Flower Classification Challenge 2018 at FGVC5

FGVC5 workshop     iNaturalist Leaderboard (3rd place)     Flower Leaderboard (2nd place)     slides

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